Warning: this is not a glamorous topic. However, it is something that nearly all of us deal with (even if we like to pretend it doesn’t exist). That being said, I hope you find this blog entertaining and informative.

If you are someone who has never had to wax their stash, I am truly amazed. I remember the first time I was waxed; I was 11 years old with some dark baby hairs popping up on my lip and a slight unibrow. I absolutely begged my mom to take me somewhere to get waxed, and when she finally did, I remember being SO happy!

Now 16 years later, my eyebrows are still too thin, my stash still needs to be waxed — but now I don’t have mom and dad paying for it. Anyone who gets waxed knows that it can get expensive and time consuming. That’s why when I heard of Meet Flamingo I was instantly intrigued by their Face Waxing Kit. Many movies and TV shows over the years have depicted at-home waxing as a painful, bloody comedy skit, which I’m sure has prevented many from trying it… but that was not my experience with the Meet Flamingo waxing kit AT ALL.


I found that the pain level was about that of getting your lip waxed at a salon, possibly slightly less. But overall it was still the everyday experience of getting waxed. In regard, to the amount of hair coming off the first time around, I found that I did have to go over it a few times with the strip to pick up everything.

To be honest, I attribute this more to me not pulling hard enough the first time, but I’ll be testing more and will keep you updated. I also tried to use the waxing strips on my “not-so-happy trail”, but that didn’t work at all. I’m assuming it had to do with the strength of the wax, texture of the skin, or the thickness of the hairs. I am curious to try out their body waxing kit to see how that works on other parts of the body.


Overall, I am very happy with this kit, and will definitely be purchasing it again. As someone who hates having to go into the salon to be waxed, this is the perfect solution for me. It did not cause my skin to break out or give me a rash, and only left my face a bit red afterward. Please note that Meet Flamingo recommends that you try this on a small patch of skin before using to make sure you do not have an adverse reaction.

Both the Meet Flamingo at home body and face waxing kits are $10.00, which is about the cost of one lip waxing session at any salon. The face kit comes with 20 waxing strips, 6 post-waxing cloths, and 1 tube of the calming serum. The body waxing kit comes with 24 waxing strips and 6 post-wax body cloths.

**NOTE – This item was gifted, but this is not a sponsored post…just my true and honest opinion on the product**

UPDATE – I used this product for a second time a few weeks ago and had a reaction on my lip because I accidentally waxed my actual lip. This is not any fault of the product, as you lip itself has very sensitive skin and it is not supposed to be waxed. It can happen even at high end salons.

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