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Oh gosh it has been absolutely forever since I have posted on here, and it feels so amazing to be writing again. Plus, this is such a different and new thing to be writing about. I have posted about beauty and fashion on here, but I haven’t talked about lifestyle products. My teenage self (who hated doing laundry), would think I was crazy right now.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty! I have been using these products for about 3 months now, which has given me a lot of time to review how I think them. The products I tried are their laundry detergents, home spray, fabric spray, dish detergent, and their surface cleaner.

The Laundress Detergent

Like any good skeptic, I was not sure how impressed I would be with this detergent. I mean how different could it be then what I usually get?? I wouldn’t say that this product is revolutionary, but I am convert! This detergent not only smells luxurious, is gentle on my nice clothing (especially linen), but I do not get any white marks on my clothing. For your expensive or delicate items, this is an absolute. They also have so many different kinds of detergent, each with their own uses (delicates, darks, lights, whites, wools/cashmere, denim, and more!). The reason I say that I recommend this for your more expensive items is only due to the price. A 16 oz. bottle of detergent will run you between $18.00 – $20.50 depending on what you are wanting. If you are someone who is doing a TON of laundry this may not be worth the price, or it may be (that is up to you!). I will say though it is for me because even my husband loves this detergent. Although the scent is strong in the bottle it is nice and light on your clothes after washing. I have also not found this detergent to be irritating and as it is a concentrated formula, you only need to use a very little amount. One capful or 1 oz = one load.

We are currently using their whites detergent for our linens and towels, and their signature for everything else. I am also interested in trying their detergent for wools and cashmeres down the road

Home Products

As I mentioned the other products I picked up were the dish detergent, surface, home, and fabric spray. The home and fabric spray are very similar and I am honestly not sure of the difference. The advertised difference though is that one is used for your couch, bed, etc. The other is for your clothes. I really like the products as they smell good without being overpowering. Just a few spritzes and your house smells soo fresh.

The surface cleaner is another product I am taken with. It is a lot less harsh then other products, but still cleans really well (and smells good)! I use this for my kitchen, bathrooms, you name it. The surface cleaner and the home/fabric sprays also have the same scent (kind of a musky, lavender-ish scent).

The dish detergent is the only one I haven’t tested as much due to the fact that I put too much in my dish washer and bubble were EVERYWHERE. If you get this product I would make sure that you use the recommended amount and no more.

The Laundress has soo many more products and I am excited to try more down the road, but I am soo happy with the detergents in particular. If you are interested in picking up a few bits and bobs for the Holiday preparations or maybe as a gift I highly recommend! You can get 20% off your first order by signing up for texts on their website.

*Some of the product here was purchased, while other products reviewed here were gifted by The Laundress*

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