Can’t Get Enough – Nisolo!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Please consider clicking through them if you choose to make a purchase; this helps support my ability to run this blog. Thank you! All reviews are based on my honest opinion.

My love affair with Nisolo Shoes began 3 years ago and is still going strong with every new release.

There are so many things I love about Nisolo, but what keeps me tuned in is their commitment to the environment and fair wages for their workers. All of this information is on their website, but to give you an overview, Nisolo is committed to becoming 0% net carbon neutral. In addition, Nisolo harps on providing a living wage to their employees.

I’ve linked some of my favorite styles below:


There are a lot of woven sandals out on the market, but this one from Nisolo is by far my favorite. Easy to style and quite comfortable for a flat sandal. However, since all Nisolo shoes are made with real leather, there will be a break-in period. Both these and my other Isla Flats required a couple days to break-in and are now UBER comfy. These particular flats are part of Nisolo’s Spring Sale, currently priced at $92!

For transparency, this particular pair was gifted.

NISOLO ISLA FLAT – linked here

This is an older generation of the Nisolo Isla Flats and was my first pair. If you want a simple sandal that will go with any outfit, this is the one for you! They still make this shoe, but it now has a tan bottom…not black. I purchased these from Poshmark, and they are by far my most worn pair of sandals. The beauty of a leather flat is that they will last forever and can easily be repaired.


Both my husband and I have these incredible boots. This was my most worn boot last fall and winter and honestly…I will probably get these in black for this coming season. I wouldn’t recommend them for intense hiking, but they are great for light trail walking or strolling around town. These boots have Vibram soles, so they are not only stylish, but comfortable as well. They do take a couple of days to break in, but that is the case for most leather shoes. The Stone and Olive colors are currently on sale in this style, and they are both stunning!


The Heeled Chelsea Boot is a very classic shaped heel that is easy to wear with jeans, dresses, skirts, etc. They are slightly higher than ankle length on me (I am 5’3″). I love that these have the stretchy bit on each side to make them easy to get on and off. In my opinion, not as comfortable as the Amalia Boots, but still very nice for a heeled boot. I was lucky enough to have these gifted to me and would definitely have purchased them for myself otherwise. 


  1. Nisolo Elayna Sneaker – I just ordered these for myself, and they are also on sale in the Nisolo Spring Sale!
  2. Nisolo Go-To Flatform Sandal – I know this style isn’t for everyone, but this is such a chic version of the “grandpa sandal”. These are not a part of the spring sale, but they are definitely on my wishlist!
  3. Nisolo Amalia All Weather Boot in Stone – Like I said above these are also on sale, and this Stone color in suede is just GORGEOUS!
  4. Nisolo Carmen Chelsea Boot – Personally these are my idea Chelsea Boot, they aren’t super feminine, and I love the contrast of the brown sole.

What’s NEW at Senreve??

If you are a big fan of Senreve like I am, you would have been equally excited with the release of Senreve’s new vegan leather items. I have indulged in two of them so far, the Continental Wallet and their Fiore Bucket Bag. What’s great is that they both match so I can pair them together easily!


I have had a bucket bag on my list for so long, so when Senreve came out with this one I literally jumped for joy! This bag is beautifully made and will fit everything you need it to. It also has a hard “shell” around the bottom that allows the bag to sit on it’s own, and it gives the bag external pockets. You can easily fit a thin water-bottle, on the go coffee cup, snacks, whatever you want in it.

The “shell” [as I am calling it], is a dragon stamped leather which really elevates this bag. The strap is also adjustable, just like most of their other straps.

When I showed my cousin this bag [she is quite picky], she said that if she was going to get a Senreve bag, this would be it. What I personally love about this bag is that it is just so different then many of Senreve’s other bags. It is also so easy to access everything inside of it. I hope they come out with this bag in their dolce leather, because I think that would be a beautiful option!

If there are any downsides to this bag I would say first, the strap can be a bit cumbersome to adjust. The second is that the bit of leather that allows you to tighten the top of the bag will only stay tight if you knot it or tie it in a bow.


The continental wallet is also something very different for Senreve. They have come out will card-holders, and other smaller SLG’s…but not a large wallet like this.

Due to the fact that we are still in a global pandemic, and I just got this piece, I haven’t used it a ton…but I don’t think it is a piece that really requires a ton of wear to review it. It is first and foremost a wallet. But like all Senreve bags, they have designed it to be more than that. You can slip your hand through the front strap to carry it as a clutch, or you can put the chain on it to wear it shoulder or cross-body. I will say though, that I do wish the chain strap came with the bag and not as separate piece.

As someone who typically uses a card-holder as a wallet, I am finding that this was an excessive purchase for me. That being said, I am keeping it because I don’t have anything else like it. This can fit my phone (with the case off), so I will definitely using this as an evening bag.

If you are someone who uses a large wallet, or if you are looking for a cute evening bag, this could be a great option for you!

So what do you guys think?? Are either of these pieces that you would consider for yourself? I would love to hear your opinion!

If you are new here and are not aware, I am an ambassador for Senreve. This has never and will never affect my opinion of a bag. If you have something you are eyeing you can always use my codes MODERNEUTRALS for $50 off your order of $300 or more.

The Laundress

Oh gosh it has been absolutely forever since I have posted on here, and it feels so amazing to be writing again. Plus, this is such a different and new thing to be writing about. I have posted about beauty and fashion on here, but I haven’t talked about lifestyle products. My teenage self (who hated doing laundry), would think I was crazy right now.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty! I have been using these products for about 3 months now, which has given me a lot of time to review how I think them. The products I tried are their laundry detergents, home spray, fabric spray, dish detergent, and their surface cleaner.

The Laundress Detergent

Like any good skeptic, I was not sure how impressed I would be with this detergent. I mean how different could it be then what I usually get?? I wouldn’t say that this product is revolutionary, but I am convert! This detergent not only smells luxurious, is gentle on my nice clothing (especially linen), but I do not get any white marks on my clothing. For your expensive or delicate items, this is an absolute. They also have so many different kinds of detergent, each with their own uses (delicates, darks, lights, whites, wools/cashmere, denim, and more!). The reason I say that I recommend this for your more expensive items is only due to the price. A 16 oz. bottle of detergent will run you between $18.00 – $20.50 depending on what you are wanting. If you are someone who is doing a TON of laundry this may not be worth the price, or it may be (that is up to you!). I will say though it is for me because even my husband loves this detergent. Although the scent is strong in the bottle it is nice and light on your clothes after washing. I have also not found this detergent to be irritating and as it is a concentrated formula, you only need to use a very little amount. One capful or 1 oz = one load.

We are currently using their whites detergent for our linens and towels, and their signature for everything else. I am also interested in trying their detergent for wools and cashmeres down the road

Home Products

As I mentioned the other products I picked up were the dish detergent, surface, home, and fabric spray. The home and fabric spray are very similar and I am honestly not sure of the difference. The advertised difference though is that one is used for your couch, bed, etc. The other is for your clothes. I really like the products as they smell good without being overpowering. Just a few spritzes and your house smells soo fresh.

The surface cleaner is another product I am taken with. It is a lot less harsh then other products, but still cleans really well (and smells good)! I use this for my kitchen, bathrooms, you name it. The surface cleaner and the home/fabric sprays also have the same scent (kind of a musky, lavender-ish scent).

The dish detergent is the only one I haven’t tested as much due to the fact that I put too much in my dish washer and bubble were EVERYWHERE. If you get this product I would make sure that you use the recommended amount and no more.

The Laundress has soo many more products and I am excited to try more down the road, but I am soo happy with the detergents in particular. If you are interested in picking up a few bits and bobs for the Holiday preparations or maybe as a gift I highly recommend! You can get 20% off your first order by signing up for texts on their website.

*Some of the product here was purchased, while other products reviewed here were gifted by The Laundress*

Working From Home

Just a few months ago, remote employees were a rarity in the workforce. Now, due to COVID-19, many people have been thrust into full-time remote work all around the world. I’ve worked from home for almost a year now and have learned a few things here and there. If you are working from home right now then you have probably figured out that it has it’s benefits and challenges. For me, being in my own space gives me a sense of freedom that I wouldn’t get in a traditional work environment. I don’t have a commute (which saves me $$$), I can wear yoga pants 24/7 if I want, and if I don’t feel like being sociable I can keep that to a minimum (high-five to all my introverts out there!). But being self-sufficient and focused is the name of the game. There are sooo many more distractions at home than in a traditional work environment. Between your phone, T.V., kids, spouses, and the urge to take a mid-morning nap…it’s like the world is begging you not to work. In addition, you’ll find some days that you miss that in-office banter, and there is definitely a tendency for your work life to blend into your home life. With that being said, I wanted to take some time to delve into a few simple things you can do to make working from home enjoyable.

So what are some things you can do to feel more like yourself, and to feel productive when you are working from home?

One of the main things I learned from this experience is that working from home is going to look different for everyone depending on their personality. For example, I have one co-worker who only likes wearing yoga pants and casual clothes during the work day, because that is what she feels comfortable and confident in. In contrast, I have another co-worker who gets fully dressed up every day, including make-up and heels. And guess what? They both are equally productive and happy. So moral of the story, be true to yourself! If you feel most like yourself in yoga pants and a cute sweatshirt, wear it! If you feel better dressing like you are going into the office, do it! Same goes with wearing make-up or not wearing make-up. For me I go though phases. Sometimes I want to dress up more and do my make-up and other days I just want to wear yoga pants and a sweater.

Create a work-space for yourself. Find an area of your house or apartment that is only for working, and design it into a space that you feel comfortable working in. The goal of this is that when you are done with with work for the day, or you want to take a break, you can leave that space and briefly (hopefully) stop thinking about work. By doing your best to separate your work from your home life, you are creating boundaries. The other part of a designing a space for yourself is that being in a space that reflects who you are can help you feel more comfortable and productive. For me that is when my desk is tidy, organized, and I have a candle burning. I would also like to add some organization baskets and plants to my desk down the road!

Make sure you are talking with your co-workers throughout the day through Slack, Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc. Chatting with co-workers throughout the day can make a world of difference for your mental state, especially if you have an extroverted personality type. This doesn’t mean that you have to be sociable everyday, but it is important to have at least some level of social-interaction. Plus, who else is going to relate so well to the trials and tribulations of your workday.

Take breaks to stand-up, drink some water, and pull your eyes away from the computer! When you are focused on work tasks it can be easy to stare at the computer for hours on end without moving. Trust me! I have to remind myself everyday to just get up and move once in awhile (but I’m a workaholic, your mileage may vary). Staring at the computer for too long can cause eye strain, fatigue, and headaches. It may help to put reminders on your phone or computer if you just can’t remember, and I highly recommend getting a pair of blue light-blocking glasses! If you are interested I did a post last year on purchasing glasses and the different coatings. Here is a link!

Lastly, make sure that you find things to do outside of the house. I try to go running almost every morning or during my lunch break. I also recommend going on walks, joining an exercise class, or participating in your favorite hobby. Obviously some options might be off the table during a pandemic, but you can always plop on a mask and get out for some fresh air. If I can’t get outside, doing some yoga in the house during my free time can be a great alternative, but really anything to get you moving can do the trick. Endorphins from exercise can really help elevate your mood! If that doesn’t appeal to you, try to find something that does, such as reading or leaving the house to get a cup of coffee. Make an effort to find things you enjoy doing that will get you up and away from the computer.

Working from home is different, but manageable, and can be very enjoyable! I hope this information helped and if you have any questions please leave a comment below.

Senreve Aria Belt Bag vs Mini Maestra

It’s been awhile since I wrote here. To be honest I just didn’t feel like writing, but I am forcing myself to get back into it. We are in crazy times right now. I am full of mixed emotions, up and down, and I know all of you are feeling the same way. Writing is a great way to express yourself, and I want use this post to bring back a sense of normalcy.

Senreve took the world by storm. It felt like they were dropped into my feed one day, and then all the sudden everyone was talking about them. Kudos to their world-class marketing team. In 2016, Wendy Wen and Coral Chung started Senreve. Their goal? To make “a stylish laptop bag for working women”, according an article from the Observer. Fast-forward to 2020 and they have curated a well-designed and well-made collection of bags, card holders, and accessories for the working woman. If you want to learn more about Senreve I highly recommend checking out this interview Wendy Wen did with the Observer.

I was gifted my first Senreve bag back in the beginning of 2019 when I first moved out to California and became an ambassador for Senreve. [Please note that my opinions are not influenced at all by the fact that I am an ambassador for the company] The bag I received was the famous Mini Maestra in the color Pebbled Ice. I had been lusting after this bag for a long time and when it came in I was beyond excited. Before I get into pros and cons, I want to address that both the Mini Maestra and Aria Belt Bag are very versatile bags. Both can be worn in multiple ways — you can wear them in a way appropriate for professional situations, or you can dress them down to wear in a more casual manner.

Mini Maestra


– Can be worn in multiple ways, making it very versatile. The Mini Maestra can be worn over-the-shoulder, cross-body, and as a backpack.

– Very well-made, and something that can be worn in professional scenarios or paired with a more casual look.

– Very spacious; the central compartment will fit an Ipad or tablet. Here is a link to a great comparison of the different Maestra sizes.

– Fits more than you think it would!

– Luxurious suede lining


– If you are looking for a backpack specifically, I would just get a backpack. Although this functions great as a versatile bag that can be worn as a backpack, in my experience it doesn’t sit flat against my back. This is fine for what it is, but if you are looking for a designated backpack I would get something that fits flat against your back.

– I find the straps are hard to adjust. To adjust the straps you have a metal peg that fits into the hole on the strap. Especially when this item is brand new, it is hard to get the peg in and out of the hole easily. [I haven’t adjusted the strap too much on mine, so you may find that adjusting the strap gets easier as it is worked in a little more.]

Aria Belt Bag


– Another extremely versatile bag! It can be worn over-the-shoulder, cross-body, as a sling, or as a belt-bag.

– Also very well made, with a luxurious suede lining.

– Spacious bag for the size! I can fit my Iphone XR, wallet, and a little make-up pouch in here no problem.

– It has a small pocket on the front of the bag underneath the flap, a card slot inside, as well as zipper pocket on the inside of the bag.

– There are holes all up and down the strap, so it can be adjusted for any length, which means it would be great for all body types.

– Senreve also offers a chain that you can purchase to pair with this bag and dress it up a bit more. Here is a link to the chain!


– I find it hard to open this bag with one hand.

I also want to note that I just recently purchased my Aria Belt Bag. I will be sure to update this post if have any additional comments to add!

So in the end the biggest question is, are they worth the money? The Mini Maestra starts around $695 and the Aria Belt Bag starts around $395. In my opinion, yes, they are worth the price. First, as I said above, they are extremely versatile, which means you are getting more for your money than a traditional handbag. Additionally, you are investing in a bag that is going to last. They are extremely well made and are designed to be for the working woman. Another important thing to note is that both of these bags are great for travelling. I have traveled with the Mini Maestra, it fit everything I needed for the plane, and was great to take out for all-day excursions. I haven’t had a chance to take the Aria out for a spin — but this will easily pack inside your larger bag and would be great for exploring the city or having a night out on the town.

If you decide that you want to invest in one of their pieces, you can use my code MODERNEUTRALS. Currently my code will get you 15% off your purchase of $300 or more, and in addition, Senreve will donate 15% of the proceeds to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Once this promotion ends, my code will give you $50 off your order of $300 or more. You can see more information on their current promotions in my Senreve highlight, on my IG (@moderneutrals). UPDATE: This promotion is now over, but you can still used my code MODERNNEUTRALS to get $30 off your order of $300 or more!


Warning: this is not a glamorous topic. However, it is something that nearly all of us deal with (even if we like to pretend it doesn’t exist). That being said, I hope you find this blog entertaining and informative.

If you are someone who has never had to wax their stash, I am truly amazed. I remember the first time I was waxed; I was 11 years old with some dark baby hairs popping up on my lip and a slight unibrow. I absolutely begged my mom to take me somewhere to get waxed, and when she finally did, I remember being SO happy!

Now 16 years later, my eyebrows are still too thin, my stash still needs to be waxed — but now I don’t have mom and dad paying for it. Anyone who gets waxed knows that it can get expensive and time consuming. That’s why when I heard of Meet Flamingo I was instantly intrigued by their Face Waxing Kit. Many movies and TV shows over the years have depicted at-home waxing as a painful, bloody comedy skit, which I’m sure has prevented many from trying it… but that was not my experience with the Meet Flamingo waxing kit AT ALL.


I found that the pain level was about that of getting your lip waxed at a salon, possibly slightly less. But overall it was still the everyday experience of getting waxed. In regard, to the amount of hair coming off the first time around, I found that I did have to go over it a few times with the strip to pick up everything.

To be honest, I attribute this more to me not pulling hard enough the first time, but I’ll be testing more and will keep you updated. I also tried to use the waxing strips on my “not-so-happy trail”, but that didn’t work at all. I’m assuming it had to do with the strength of the wax, texture of the skin, or the thickness of the hairs. I am curious to try out their body waxing kit to see how that works on other parts of the body.


Overall, I am very happy with this kit, and will definitely be purchasing it again. As someone who hates having to go into the salon to be waxed, this is the perfect solution for me. It did not cause my skin to break out or give me a rash, and only left my face a bit red afterward. Please note that Meet Flamingo recommends that you try this on a small patch of skin before using to make sure you do not have an adverse reaction.

Both the Meet Flamingo at home body and face waxing kits are $10.00, which is about the cost of one lip waxing session at any salon. The face kit comes with 20 waxing strips, 6 post-waxing cloths, and 1 tube of the calming serum. The body waxing kit comes with 24 waxing strips and 6 post-wax body cloths.

**NOTE – This item was gifted, but this is not a sponsored post…just my true and honest opinion on the product**

UPDATE – I used this product for a second time a few weeks ago and had a reaction on my lip because I accidentally waxed my actual lip. This is not any fault of the product, as you lip itself has very sensitive skin and it is not supposed to be waxed. It can happen even at high end salons.

Minimalistic Living: Saving Money and Staying Fashionable

I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way, but it is increasingly harder to resist those small meaningless purchases…especially when we are being bombarded with beautiful new items every day on social media. We make excuses for ourselves like, “I deserve it” or “I don’t have anything like this” … but, the fact of the matter is we don’t need it. More and more people these days are in debt — between student loans, bills, and the exorbitant amount we pay in housing costs…it seems impossible to keep a fashionable, fresh wardrobe and be financially responsible. For this reason, I listed few ways that you CAN save money with shopping and be more environmentally friendly in the process.

Shop your Local Consignment/Thrift Stores

I feel like this is a no-brainer, but thrift stores/consignment shops are a magical place. The first thing I did when I moved to CA was track down my local consignment shop, and I was not let down! Flashbacks Recycled Fashion located in Carlsbad, CA has everything you could think of including 60s dresses, band tees, designer shoes/bags, and tons of denim. You can find so many unique pieces for great prices, and you are giving life to a piece that someone else decided they didn’t need anymore. Gone are the days that thrift stores only had grandma clothes that smelled of must — everyday there are more and more modern consignment/thrift stores popping up all over the place. The best part is, is that you can actually make money at some of these stores by taking your used items in to be sold. Keep in mind that most shops will only take what they think will sell, so think about what season it is when you are taking your items in. For online consignment shops, check out places like Poshmark, ThredUp, and The Real Real. For brick-and-mortar, here are two notable and well-known consignment shops that you can check out:

Buffalo Exchange

You may have heard of Buffalo Exchange, as their name is synonymous with quality used clothing. For items that they are able to take, if they sell, you will receive 30% of the selling price in cash or 50% in store-credit. You can also have the money put on a ‘trade’ card for use at any Buffalo Exchange store across the country.

The leather jacket above was picked up from the Buffalo Exchange in Santa Monica, California.

Plato’s Closet

According to their website, “Plato’s Closet is recognized as the nation’s largest chain of teen and twenty something resale stores with nearly 500 store locations in North America.”

Plato’s Closet will actually give you cash right-away based off what they think the products are worth, so for some quick cash, Platos closet is the way to go.

To note, the main difference between a thrift store and consignment shop is that consignment shops will give you a percentage on items that you give them to sell, while thrift store take used clothing on a donation basis (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.). Both options sell clothes for much less then you would buy new.

Stop those impulsive purchases!

Impulsive purchases will briefly increase your dopamine levels and give you a quick feeling of satisfaction, but once that fades you are left with that same urge to buy something new – plus a new hole in your bank account. Stopping those impulsive purchases and really thinking about what you are purchasing will help cut down on those smaller purchases, so you can focus on quality pieces that will last. Fast fashion is fun, but it is just that, fast and not always the best investment as we will inevitably get bored of it, get rid of it and start the process over again…racking up the credit card bill with all of those smaller unsatisfying purchases.

One thing that I do to curb the craving of those impulsive purchases is making a deal with myself – If I still want an item after a month and it is still available, then I will get it. This gives me a lot of time to decide if it something I really need, or something I just wanted in the moment. Figure out what works best for you, and try your best to hold yourself accountable if you slip up and make an impulse purchase.

Even with a good system in place to keep myself accountable, I’ll admit that it is still hard sometimes for me to resist the urge to make impulse purchases. For example, last week I was agonizing over a purchase at Zara. That voice in the back of my head was telling me I really needed a new jacket for a wedding coming up next month, and the one at Zara was perfect for my outfit! Well, thanks to a bit of self-control, and the strategy mentioned above, I am proud to say I have not purchased it yet, and am instead checking my local consignment shops on the weekends to see if I can thrift something similar before purchasing new.

Capsule Wardrobe (live with less)

Honestly this is a subject that I will be dedicating its own post to because it is one of my favorites! In the words of Caroline Rector from Unfancy, a capsule wardrobe is “a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear.” In her piece titled, How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe, Caroline discusses how 37 pieces is the ideal number of items for a capsule wardrobe. In my opinion, the number of pieces can vary, as some people may be able to live with less. But overall you want to get your wardrobe down to only pieces you love and want to wear. Also, by having a minimal wardrobe, you are spending less per year on clothing meaning that affording those more quality pieces won’t break the bank.

We all know that minimalism has become a trend, but I don’t think this one is going away anytime soon. The reason people like it so much is because many of us often realize that even with a closet full of clothing, we are reaching for the same items every single day. Taking that logic one step further, why not choose quality over quantity – have less material items, but higher quality that will last much longer.

Get store credit

First of all I have to say I am loving this trend of companies incentivizing customers to donate old clothing by giving them store credit or a voucher for any donated items. This is a great way to save a little money, because every dollar counts! I have listed below a few stores who are offering such deals:


Currently at H&M, you can bring in any used clothing items, no matter the brand, and they will give you a 15% Off certificate that can go toward your next in-store purchase. Here is a link to their website where they go over what happens to your donated clothing.

Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone has been a [proud] partner of Cotton’s Blue Jean Go GreenTM denim recycling program since 2017. Bring in any of your un-worn or used denim to a Rag and Bone store and receive 20% off your next purchase.

What happens to your denim after it is donated? According to their website, “It is reprocessed into cotton fibers which are re-purposed into denim insulation and set off to building efforts in communities around the country including over 40 Habitat for Humanity affiliates and over 15 civic-minded buildings.”

& Other Stories

& Other Stories will not only allow you to donate clothing, but also to bring back empty beauty product containers (from their beauty lines only). You will receive a voucher for 10% off your next purchase in exchange. I highly recommend checking out their website, where they explain what happens to the items that are recycled.

Some other stores that allow you donate clothing are Madewell, Levis, and North Face, but there are so many more! In the end thought, you have to figure out what works for you. You don’t have to have a huge wardrobe to be fashionable, less really is more, and always choose quality over quantity. If you have any other ideas, I would love to hear them, so comment down below!

You can also connect with me on Instagram or Twitter, @modernneturals.

Something New


“At Everlane, we want the right choice to be as easy as putting on a great T-shirt. That’s why we partner with the best, ethical factories around the world. Source only the finest materials. And share those stories with you—down to the true cost of every product we make. It’s a new way of doing things. We call it Radical Transparency. ”

Everlane first caught my eye a few years ago with their in-depth information on the factories they use and the way they break down their pricing. Of course they hold back a bit with the figures they give, but they are doing a great job at leading the clothing industry in ethical production and transparency with customers. They have 30 factories around the world — in the U.S., Peru, Italy, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, and Nan’an. Each of their product pages includes information on what factory the product was made in, and a link to factory information in case you would like to know more.

I highly recommend that you check out the ‘factories’ page on Everlane’s website to learn more if you are interested.


I would fill my closet with only Everlane if I could afford it. Their clothes are simple, chic, comfortable, and minimalistic in style. They have everything from pants, sweaters, t-shirts, work-wear, AMAZING shoes, and even handbags. Over the years I have begun to prefer to only purchase clothing and shoes that will all work together, my own capsule wardrobe. I don’t like having pieces that just sit in the closet and never get worn, which is why purchasing quality products is important to me so I am not buying and replacing items all the time.

My favorite items so far have been the ‘the side zip work pant’ and ‘the high-rise skinny jean’. They are both are comfortable, flattering, simple, and are staples in my wardrobe.

I purchased the ‘High-Rise Skinny Jeans’ back in September 2017, and they look just as good now as the day I received them. They are $78 which is a higher price tag compared to most high-street jeans, but if you are like me and prefer quality over quantity, then these are definitely a better buy. Also, I’ve found that most denim (even high-street) is at least $40, so you are not spending that much more to get something that will last longer.

They wear well, are comfortable, and they are made out of a sturdy denim (but still have some stretch). I did have a few alterations made to the ones I purchased — First, I had the them taken up because I am petite (5’3″) and I wanted more of a cropped look. Then, I had the waist band taken out and then back in due to slight weight gain and loss. 10/10 would purchase them again, and most likely will down the road.

Now, for ‘The Side-Zip Work Pant’. I am sooo excited to talk about these. When it comes to professional dress I really love a good pair of black high-waisted skinny ankle length pants… the trick is for them to not be so stretchy that they get baggy after only a few wears. For years I searched for the perfect pair and then I came across these babies. AND OMG, HANDS-DOWN THE BEST WORK PANTS EVER! These pants are made of 94% cotton and 6% elastane. They are nice and sturdy, but also have the right amount stretch. I have a capsule wardrobe and will wear the same pants several times though-out the week, so having a pair of pants that doesn’t stretch out too much is SUPER important. If you are looking for a new pair of work-pants, these are $50.00 and definitely worth a try!

There are so many more things I could talk about with Everlane products, but this blog would turn into a book. I will definitely be posting more about Everlane down the road so keep an eye out on my Instagram (@modernneutrals). I want to thank you all for taking the time to read and for all the support so far. I love sharing this type of content and will continue to write about things that inspire me. Here is my affiliate link to Everlane if you’d like to check them out, and your first order ships free (this applies to anybody who orders from Everlane for the first time, it has nothing to do with using any of my links) !

P.S. – I want to mention that consigning/thrifting is still the most economical and environmentally-friendly way to purchase any clothing product, so consider buying used!

REVIEW: Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer.

Hello everybody, I apologize that this post was not out sooner. I have had a busy couple of weeks, but I am finally back at it and it feels good. My birthday was last week, 27 years old (almost 30, it is crazy!) and my present to myself was shopping in Spokane with one of my besties, Sarah.

When Milk Makeup released the Hydro Grip Primer I was intrigued immediately. I mean their marketing was on point, how could you not want to try it! As I have said in previous posts my skin tends to run on the drier side, so anything that has hydrating properties…I want to try. Luckily our shopping excursion came at a great time and I was able to pick up a travel size bottle of it at Sephora.

My initial thoughts on this primer is that it is a lot tackier than expected. I was anticipating it to be very hydrating but instead it is more gripping, than hydrating. That being said my makeup has been staying in place for a lot longer than when I was using the FLOWER hydrating primer. But, personally I would have liked it to be more hydrating and because of this I will probably not be investing in the larger size of this product.

I will say though if you really like a grippy primer than this is worth trying! Not only has my makeup stayed in place longer, but I have had less issues with transferring (see “Daily Makeup Routine”). Smell wise, it doesn’t really smell like anything which is good. Although I like and appreciate a nice fresh scent, for sensitive skin scents can be a cause of outbreaks. Also, no smell is better then a bad smell lol.

In conclusion, this primer is really good…I just wish it was more hydrating. Tell me your thoughts. If you have tried this product, do you like it? Do you not like it? I want to hear! Leave a comment below.

Daily Skincare Routine

Skin is the largest organ in the body and when we have skin issues, it can make or break our mood. For me, the key to having clear, healthy skin is keeping my routine very simple. This routine is something that I have worked on for years, and required a lot of trial and error to get right for me. For a little background about my personal skin situation — I have dry, fairly sensitive skin and I tend to get oily in my T-Zone (especially when I am wearing makeup). I am also prone to redness in my skin, but that has significantly improved recently since cutting out dairy (this is something I will go over more in another blog post). So here is my daily skincare routine:


STEP 1 –

In the morning when I wake up I simply splash my face with warm water. I DO NOT use face wash. I know this sounds crazy, but my skin is always clearer when I wash my face only once a day (for me, that is usually after work). I’m not going to pretend to know the reasoning for it, but I think that if you have a lot of skin problems, it’s best to create a simpler skincare routine. Less is more!

STEP 2 –

My next step is to use a hyaluronic acid serum. This has done wonders for my skin! The reason hyaluronic acid serum works so well to hydrate the skin is because it penetrates the layers of skin below the surface, whereas using a cream or lotion will just hydrate the skin’s top layer. There are many hyaluronic acid serums on the market, but the one I am currently using is THE ORDINARY Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum. I was originally using a $75.00 serum I purchased at my local dermatologist’s office, but this serum works just as good! The trick to any hyaluronic acid product is that you only need a tiny drop (about a dime size), anymore and it will become too sticky on the face. This goes for all hyaluronic serums, even the more expensive ones.

STEP 3 –

When my skin is feeling extra dry I will also put on a tiny bit of face cream to add some additional moisture to my skin. Right now I am using the IT COSMETICS Confidence in a Cream™ Transforming Moisturizing Super Cream and I really like it! It smells nice without being overwhelming, and it is not super heavy like a lot of face creams. This step is optional and I only use it when I feel that my skin really needs the extra moisture.


STEP 1 –

When I get home after a long day at work I start by taking off my makeup, IMMEDIATELY! If I don’t take my makeup off right away I notice that my skin just does not look as good the next day. I am currently using Garnier Micellar Water to remove my makeup. I know this is a controversial product, but I personally feel like it does a great job, and I have tried a lot of different products!

STEP 2 –

After taking off as much makeup as I can with micellar water, then I wash my face with facewash. I never use a micellar water just on its own. Right now I am using The Perfect Cleanser with plant stem cells, azelaic acid, and antioxidants from my local dermatologist. This product is very good for my sensitive skin and does not dry me out. In the past I have used Cetaphil face wash for sensitive skin and that also works well.

STEP 3 –

Next I go in again with my hyaluronic acid serum and then sometimes use a tiny bit of face lotion (again, only if my skin is feeling a bit dry).

STEP 4 –

This last step has been critical to my skin looking great lately. It’s the Paula’s Choice SKIN PERFECTING 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant. I used to sometimes develop patches of rough texture on random places on my face, especially between my eyebrows. This product has all but completely cleared up this issue for me. I have to thank my bestie Sarah for turning me on to this because it is something that I will now always keep in my skincare routine!

And that is all folks…I keep it really simple with only a few products and my skin has looked better than ever since I developed this routine. If you have any must try products in your skin care routine, comment down below!